28th group exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers Vienna presents works by five important artists

The group exhibition presents works by Katharina Fink, Tone Fink, Michael Kos, Herbert Starek and Michael Wegerer at foryouandyourcustomers Vienna. Even though the artists' works are very different, they all have something in common: codes. Encrypted information in the works enables the viewer to perceive art as a special form of communication system.


The group exhibition in the premises of foryouandyourcustomers in Vienna deals with codes, i.e. aesthetically condensed and encrypted information. Art is always also a communication system and the translation performance that takes place when looking at it is part of a successful reception. The artists’ various approaches range from Herbert Starek’s picture-text collages, which are in the tradition of Surrealism, through the works of Tone Fink, who stylizes sign systems as subjective means of expression, to Michael Kos’ “Mappings”. In this series, he undertakes an aesthetic deconstruction of the analog orientation map. In the abstract reliefs made of paper cashmere, Katharina Fink symbolically stages the binary codes that determined the white noise of the information. Last but not least, the screen prints by Michael Wegerer, which visualize statistics from newspapers, form a colorful geometric highlight of this exhibition of interconnectivity. (Angela step)

The exhibition, curated by Sali Oelhafen, can be viewed until June 2019 by appointment on +43 1 890 50 19.

At this event you can get to know the following people

Andreas Damberger

CEO Wien

Robert Josef Stadler

Group CEO

Sali Ölhafen


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