Official opening party of foryouandyourcustomers Amsterdam

New office, great customers and a devoted and inspiring team delivers a great working atmosphere! This is what the team of foryouandyourcustomers Amsterdam wanted to share and most of all celebrate the office opening party.

Family, friends, colleagues, partners and customers mingling together in a social atmosphere while enjoying great food and drinks. “This is exactly how we envisioned our office opening to be” said Alexander Oppel, CEO of foryouandyourcustomers Amsterdam. “All the people we have a relation with, enjoying the new working place in a casual atmosphere and celebrating the results of our common work.”

The Exhibition “at the moment” is showing works by Sali Ölhafen and Gerhard Himmer presented in the freshly renovated rooms of the office. Both artists have already shown their works in the Vienna office of foryouandyourcustomers and have a long lasting relationship with the team and the people of this company. The exhibition is open for visits until end of November 2015. The people of foryouandyourcustomers would appreciate your visit and your interests in the art works.

More then two years ago the Amsterdam team has started and has been growing it business with success. Jeroen van Mierle, Director Sales and Consulting proudly said: “This event cannot pass unnoticed without standing still at the accomplishments of our customers, partners and our team. It calls for a celebration with everybody who has supported us with trust, commitment and his working time. But let’s not forget our family and friends who also contributed essential parts of this success.”