Through the ChannelOPERA to attractive shopping experiences

Do you know when, why, and how a customer contacts your company and uses your products and services? Do you harmonize your communication, sales and service channels like a harmonious orchestra and offer shopping experiences the same as a concert?

Use the ChannelOPERA to quickly change to a customer perspective and realise how a customer perceives your company. Discover vulnerabilities at the customer’s touchpoints with your company and use this tool to discover potential improvements in the Customer Journey.

How the ChannelOPERA works

In just 3-4 hours, you will develop a Customer Journey in a workshop and develop the possibilities for improving your Multichannel Business. As a desired side effect, it sharpenes the perception of multichannel among the participants and creates an ideal starting point for new breakthrough projects in your company.

You can run the ChannelOPERA alone or in parallel groups of up to eight people. Workshops with up to 240 participants have already been organized. The networking of the results of the individual groups produces very surprising results.

In addition to the description of the method, the ChannelOPERA contains all the necessary materials for a group so you can get started right away. Only for post-its and markers you have to worry about, but that should be present in every office.

Well supported at every workshop step

The team will be guided through the workshop in eight steps. Each individual step is described in detail in a booklet and you will also find valuable tips for the implementation.

Package contents

  • Inspiring booklet including detailled instruction of every step and different play modes
  • ChannelOVERVIEW as A3 poster with 129 illustrated channels
  • Templates for easy creation of personas and business cases including portrait stickers
  • Channel cards for the creation of the Customer Journey and 174 stickers with illustrations of the different channels
  • Sufficient smiliey stickers in different colors for evaluating touchpoints
  • OPERA-sticker to define your influence on the touchpoints
  • Templates for creating project proposals


Order the ChannelOPERA in German or English for 49 EUR / pcs. (Plus 9 EUR postage).

Send us an email to [email protected] with shipping address and number of desired ChannelOPERAs and you will receive the order, including invoiced invoice, within a few days.