The 16th ex hi bi ti on by Peter Kuyper in Ams terdam

“Art plays an important role in our company’s culture. That’s why we are very pleased to present the 16th exhibition of foryouandyourcustomers”, said Alexander Oppel, CEO Amsterdam. On Thursday, April 14, more than 65 guests, colleagues, customers, friends and family gathered to celebrate the opening of ‘harmonic aspects’ by Peter Kuyper at foryouandyourcustomers Amsterdam.

The clean, white walls of the Amsterdam office are brightly lit by all the sunlight that flows in through the windows. Perhaps the perfect background to highlight Kuyper’s vivid, bright, colourful works. The office has always had a clean and inviting style, but Kuyper’s work adds a new dimension.

While the guests munched delicious, Italian-inspired bites and sipped perfectly balanced wine, Kuyper discussed his exhibition. The style is Concrete Art – a pure form of abstract art that has no figurative references. There is no representation of natural matters, human feelings or symbolic meaning. Concrete Art employs pure colours and geometrically precise forms. Kuyper uses mathematical grids to construct his designs. By layering and rotating the grids, he devises the shapes that comprise his art. His use of pure primary colours, contrasted with black and white, creates a bold composition.

Harmonic symmetry

In his keynote presentation, Kuyper discussed how his art is similar to music. “To create harmony, octaves must be mathematically precise,” he said. In the same way, he explained, his artwork is the creative expression of the technical groundwork that he lays with his grids. He uses harmonic measures and laws to create structure for the design systems, and brings them to life through artistic means.

Connecting technology and creativity

Alexander Oppel saw the connection Kuyper made between technical and creative. “Every day, foryouandyourcustomers finds creative solutions for key marketing challenges. But there is a lot of technology behind what we do. It’s the blending of those two worlds that makes it work,” he said.

The opening of the exhibition was a chance for all our guests to gather together to enjoy great food and drink, lively conversation and appreciation for Kuyper’s work. And Kuyper himself said that an exhibit in an office gives him the same feeling as one in a gallery: “if people can see and appreciate my work, it all feels the same.”

Visit the exhibition until September 2016, by appointment only. Appointments can be made by calling +31 20 370 94 14. The exhibition is curated by Sali Ölhafen and presented by