With Channel CARDS for a better understanding and a clear over view of the touchpoints

With Channel CARDS by foryouandyourcustomers, you get a better understanding of your business and a clear over view of the touchpoints used to reach your customers. You can order the card set here.
Gain an overview of the diversity of channels with the ChannelCARDS.


A key requirement to becoming a successful multichannel business

Our ChannelCARDS represent the channels that companies use to communicate and interact with customers. The card set allows you to experience this interaction in a variety of different, playful ways. Get your set of ChannelCARDS and try it yourself. Create an easy access for your customers and with that improve your multichannel business. Our ChannelCARDS can be used in workshops, meetings, and strategy retreats.

Highly versatile: A few practical examples.


How are your channels perceived?

How are your channels perceived?

Choose up to 8 specific channels cards. Draw a grid with ten boxes. On the far left is “very bad”, and on the far right is “very good”. From your customers’ perspective, how good is each channel? And how does the competition fare in comparison?



What is the life cycle phase of the channels?

What is the life cycle phase of the channels used to reach your customers??

Draw the life cycle of a channel on a board and divide it into six phases. For each channel card, determine the corresponding life cycle phase, and pin the card to the relevant section on the board. What decisions can we make on the basis of this result?



What are the best examples?

What can you learn from your competitors?

Select the series of channels that you want to analyse. Take the first channel, brainstorm together and come up with the best examples of other companies, then note these down. Which of these examples should you consider for your company?



Which channel is important?

How important is each channel?

Draw a series of concentric circles. Pick up your first card and ask yourself how essential this channel is. Pick up the next card, and repeat this step until you’ve gone through all of the cards. What kind of patterns are you seeing?